Mental Health Wellness and Stress

What can Healthy Nurses Do?

Dear Healthy Nurses, Let’s take a moment to revisit the definition of mental illness. It refers to a “wide range of mental health conditions – disorders that affect your mood, thinking and [...]

How to make Stress your Friend!

As you are reading this, take a slow, deep breath and fill your lungs with air. Hold your breath for three seconds. Now, breathe out slooooowwwwly. Do this again twice, but only this time, close [...]


Mindfulness As you all know that ‘Stress’ is an inseparable part of our busy lives.  Healthy stress is a good thing to get us going but TOO much stress, that can take our positive energies away, [...]

Be Happy Friday is here again

Be Happy Friday is here again! Here is this week’s perspective of happiness.  Happiness is the sweet intoxicating scent of a newborn bundle of joy,  the sparkling twinkle of tears in the [...]


Good-Hearted Living© By Steve Wilson Follow These Six Daily Practices to Prevent  Hardening of the Attitudes And Add More Laughter to Your Life Mondays are for Compliments: This overcomes our [...]


Dear Healthy Nurse friends, The message for this week, during the August Happiness month, is very simple – SMILE Try to smile 3 additional times today and every day to spread joy and [...]

August is Happiness Month!

Hi NJSNA and Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation members, I am honored to be a contributor of the HNHN emails and to be on the journey to wellness, mindfulness and exercise blissfulness along with [...]

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