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Good-Hearted Living© By Steve Wilson

Follow These Six Daily Practices to Prevent 

Hardening of the Attitudes And Add More Laughter to Your Life

Mondays are for Compliments: This overcomes our tendency to criticize and be judgmental of others, which robs us of laughter. Look for the good in others, tell them about it, and you might just end up laughing together.

Monday thought: “A kind word often goes unspoken, but never goes unheard.”

Tuesdays are for Flexibility: There is no laughter in being stubborn. We all get set in our ways and yet it is a good thing to be open to new ideas. It can be more fun than being in a rut. An open mind lets the laughter in.   Tuesday thought: “The tree that bends in the wind does not break.”

Wednesdays are for Gratitude: A good way to feel miserable is to always think you need something more to make you happy. An attitude of gratitude brings serenity and laughter.

Wednesday thought: “As you go through life, let this always be your goal: Keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole!”

Thursdays are for Kindness: Think of ways to help make the other person’s life a little easier. Simple kindness may be the most vital key to the riddle of how human beings can live with each other in peace, and care properly for this planet we all share.

Thursday thought: “The practice of kindness creates healthy relationships and community connections and inspires people to pass kindness on to others.”

Fridays are for Forgiveness: Forgiveness means letting go of anger. Find a way to see those who have hurt you in the new light of compassion. Releasing anger makes you healthier and opens up room in your heart for more laughter. Friday thought: “I never hold a grudge because while I am being angry the other guy is out dancing!” (Buddy Hackett)

Weekends are for Chocolate: Remember to eat some chocolate or any other favorite food. Remember to take time for leisure, pleasure and relaxation. Weekend thought: “A bad day fishing beats a good day working.”

I polled my exercise mates this morning, I asked them what their happiness is.

Here’s what they said:

Gardening, Being Outside, Fishing, Family, Running and Friends.

What is your happiness?

Kate Gillespie, Sandy Foley, Angelica Silwanes and the Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation Team


Wilson, S. (2017). Good-hearted living. Retrieved from https://www.worldlaughtertour.com/

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