Mission, Vision, Values

NJSNA Mission

The mission of the New Jersey State Nurses Association is to promote the profession of nursing; advance the practice of nursing and advocate for nurses.

NJSNA achieves our mission through the activities of its members in:

  • Education
  • Policy development
  • Leadership
  • Professional representation
  • Workplace advocacy

Enduring Vision

Creating the future through advocacy, leadership and public policy.

Collaborative Values

Our organization’s members value:

  • A shared vision for the future of the nursing profession.
  • A unified nursing voice.
  • Informed and proactive leadership.
  • Innovation with transparency.
  • Mutual respect and cooperation.
  • Safe and collaborative work environments.
  • Professional and courteous attention.
  • Evidence-based practice in all nursing arenas.
  • Improvement of health care standards.
  • Continuing education and professional growth.
  • Socially significant work.

Member Benefits

NJSNA Benefits
NJSNA Benefits

Advance your career, develop patient care skills and network with your peers

Continuing Education
Continuing Education

Invest in yourself and further your career with professional development

Importance of Belonging
Importance of Belonging

When you’re part of the New Jersey nursing community, you’re never alone

24/7 Crisis Hotline for Impaired Nurses - 1-800-662-0108