INPAC: Advancing Nursing and Healthcare

The Interested Nurses Political Action Committee (INPAC) is a nonpartisan political action committee of the New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA). NJSNA is committed to promoting and advancing excellence in nursing and health care in New Jersey. The INPAC Board of Trustees is made up of nurses from all regions of the state in all fields of nursing.

INPAC, the political arm of NJSNA, is not a lobbying organization. Instead, it aims to influence healthcare policy discourse by endorsing and contributing to candidates who support the nursing profession and quality healthcare. Elected officials directly affect nursing practice and the healthcare system. Nurses must stand together and support candidates who advocate for nurses and quality healthcare. Politics have a great impact on nursing. Therefore, nursing should have a meaningful impact on politics.

Activities of INPAC

  • Contributes to and campaigns for those candidates who support nurses
  • Makes candidate endorsements
  • Conducts fundraising activities
  • Educates nurses on important political issues
  • Informs members and colleagues about voting records of office holders and candidates
  • Consults with legislatively active nurses in assessing a candidate’s records and/or stance on nursing issues
  • Assists nurses in organizing themselves for more effective political action

Ways to be Politically Active

Contribute to INPAC!

Click here to donate to INPAC. Voluntary, financial contributions to INPAC are needed.

Get Involved!

To contact INPAC with any information you would like to share about your practice, concerns or if you would like to be involved with INPAC send request to Jennifer Chanti, jennifer@njsna.org or call 609-883-5335 ext. 111.

NJSNA Priority Issues

  • Scope of Practice
  • Nursing Education
  • Licensure Issues
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Safe Work Environments
  • To let us know what your priority issue is, contact judy@njsna.org.
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