5 Simple steps to stress reduction

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Remember for the month of April 2017 the focus is ‘STRESS’.

5 Simple steps to stress reduction

  1. Find a refugeRemove yourself from the stressful situation, find a quiet spot, alone.
  2. Stop and breathe.  Sit, close your eyes, take some deep breaths.  Become calm and distance from the stressful situation.
  3. Take your physical and emotional pulse.  Release the tension in your body, identify the dominant emotion you are feeling.
  4. Search for the source of the emotion.  What triggered your feelings?  What can you do to respond to the source of your stress?  Focus on what YOU can change.
  5. Make a decision for change.  Before leaving your refuge, make a decision to change at least one thing that led to your stress.
    (Source:  “Easing the Burden of Stress’ by Dr. Wayne Oates)

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Saundra Austin-Benn, MSN, APN and Josie Aparri, MEd., RN and the Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation – NJ Team


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