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As you all know that ‘Stress’ is an inseparable part of our busy lives.  Healthy stress is a good thing to get us going but TOO much stress, that can take our positive energies away, is hurtful to our mind, body as well the spirit.

While the sources of stress in the lives of nurses are very many, it is imperative that we take steps towards minimizing stress. We cannot surrender to stress and must take mini steps towards minimizing stress to improve our quality of lives as best as we can.

Well, a glass of wine helps too…but we would like to share the following video presentation with you for information on mindfulness which appears to be a promising and evidence-based option for minimizing stress in our lives. Now, please do not say, “Where is the time for all this” because we have found some simple suggestions for incorporating mindfulness in our daily lives.

Please watch the Mindfulness: A Superpower? video and also do not forget to review the 30 Simple Mindfulness Practices that we could all incorporate in our busy lifestyles.

Thank you,

Amita Avadhani, DNP, DCC, ACNP, APN, CCRN and the Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey Team

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