We Need to Hear from You!

 In Nurses Weekly

The New Jersey Department of Health is collaborating with CDC’s Project Firstline, a nationwide initiative to provide infection prevention and control training to frontline health care workers.

We need you to take a quick survey to better understand your experiences with infection prevention and control training and to develop and deliver future training.

Interested in participating? Click here or scan the QR code to take the survey.

CDC’s Project Firstline is a collaborative of diverse health care and public health partners that aims to provide engaging, innovative and effective infection control training for millions of frontline U.S. healthcare workers as well as members of the public health workforce. Project Firstline’s innovative content is designed so that—regardless of a healthcare worker’s previous training or educational background—they can understand and confidently apply the infection control principles and protocols necessary to protect themselves, their facility, their family and their community from infectious disease threats, such as COVID-19.

The power to stop infections. Together.



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