Gratitude for Long-Term Care Nurses

 In Nurses Weekly

Lauren Sosa is a nurse who normally works on our first-floor sub-acute unit, but during this time, our first floor became our “COVID Unit.” This designated unit was one in which not many team members wanted to work on, but Lauren stepped up. She knew this unit was her “home” and she worked every shift on that unit caring for the patients that others never came in contact with.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, we did not allow team members to enter this unit, so at times, Lauren was it! She was the nurse, the CNA, the customer service rep, the dietary rep and even the housekeeper at times.

She cared for those patients struggling with isolation and fighting COVID-19 and she cared for them well! Then when those patients came off that unit after their recovery, Lauren couldn’t even come off to celebrate with them because she needed to return to care for the rest.

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