Best Jobs Of 2020: #5 Nurse Practitioner

 In Nurses Weekly

The streak for nurse practitioner (NP) as a top job in the United States has continued, with NP ranking in at #5 out of all occupations in the U.S. News and World Report Best 100 Jobs Rankings for 2020. NPs also nabbed an impressive spot at #4 out of all health care jobs and #5 in STEM jobs.

An NP works as a health care provider and enjoys the benefits of a highly ranked job, such as higher-than-average salary, positive work-life balance and low-stress levels. And with NP’s autonomy of practice growing in both depth and breadth, opportunities are consistently expanding for the enterprising and savvy NP.

With high marks all around pursuing education and training as an NP or other type of APRN is a solid career move for those interested in providing health care to a wide variety of patients across the lifespan.

With NP ranking as the #5 job in the United States in 2020, more nurses will begin pursuing the achievable goal of a career as an NP. And as more RNs go onto become NPs, insurance companies, hospitals, consumers, nurses and patients alike will be able to see the benefits.


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