Why Nursing Requires Teamwork

 In Nurses Weekly

Nurse teamwork is critical because it allows nurses on different units or floors to collaborate with other health care providers, such as doctors and social workers, to provide the best possible patient care for every person who comes into their hospital room.

To have successful cooperation within a team, there needs to be an understanding that everyone has their tasks and knows how to work together collaboratively toward shared goals.

Some ways for nurses to promote good teamwork are as follows:

  • To take the initiative by volunteering for new ideas or solutions.
  • Being receptive when others offer suggestions.
  • Help each other’s strengths.
  • Focus on what can be done, not the problem or mistake
  • Encourage one another to improve and get better about communicating thoughts and ideas with each other.
  • Complimenting teammates, contributions, and lastly, saying thank you kindly for the help received.

Nurses who model these behaviors encourage others to do so, which promotes better communication among team members. Teamwork ensures personalized care.

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