Why Not? 11 Ways Nurses Stay Resilient in New Year

 In Nurses Weekly

Healthy New Jersey Nurses, welcome to 2022! More than ever, nurses need to find ways to renew themselves–mentally, physically, and spiritually. We must protect and preserve that little light that burns inside each of us, so that we can be present for those in our care, but most importantly (and this can be a tough concept for nurses), for ourselves. This is quite a tall order, considering the level of stress that has been put on our profession. To show our love and admiration for you, in addition to our regular articles, we are bringing you a more convenient twist on the newsletter format in a series called “Why not?” We’ll be reminding you of ways you can care for yourself, with themes relating to our HNHNJ self-care domains. Healthy Nurses, ask yourselves why not…


…make a pot of steel cut oats for sweet or savory meals. Add honey, berries, a warm, plant-based milk, or eat them for lunch with sauteed baby spinach and a poached egg?


…invite your fellow nurses to do a tea exchange? Everyone buys a different type of tea, and you divvy them up amongst the group. Just one box and you go home with many varieties to enjoy!


…try doing the “20/20/20” every day for two weeks: twenty pushups, twenty squats and twenty crunches?


…visit your local library and borrow a stack of plant-based recipe books for inspiration?


…take a warm bath with lavender Epsom salts and put yourself to bed early?


…treat yourself to a new set of flannel sheets to keep you cozier during these cold winter nights?


…spend just one afternoon investigating how you can pay less for your cable, Internet, or car insurance? Reallocate the monthly savings to eliminating a debt or save the money for a vacation.


…take a watercolor or drawing course at your local community school and remember that it is never too late to grow?


…slice up some ginger and make a tisane?  Add some honey and a squeeze of lemon.


…invest in compression socks if you are on your feet all day?


…do some stretching when you rise, to increase your flexibility and awaken your digestive system? If you can’t touch your toes, hang your arms down over your feet. Inhale, exhale and reach further. Try this every day for two weeks.


Remember that you are a source of goodness in this world. You are special and deserve to be cared for, and that starts with self-care!


Lisa Ertle BA, RN, and the Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey Team. Join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NJStateNursesHealthyNurse/

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