What’s Driving Millennial, Gen Z Nurses?

 In Nurses Weekly

The nursing field is at a generational crossroads, with millennials and Generation Z increasingly making up a larger share of the nursing workforce—and it turns out their professional priorities and expectations differ from past generations in a few key ways, according to a new HCA Healthcare survey.

What matters to millennial and Gen Z nurses?

When searching for new jobs, the survey revealed that millennial and Gen Z RNs value companies that have a reputation for having a positive work culture—and they assess that culture primarily through online resources, such as employee rating and review websites and employee testimonials on companies’ website and social media channels.

Several other factors were close behind including:

  • Flexible scheduling was cited by 43% of respondents
  • The opportunity for career advancement was cited by 43% of respondents
  • Communication and the ability to make clinical decisions was cited by 42% of respondents
  • Basic needs, such as breaks, meals and water, were cited by 41% of respondents
  • Facilities, equipment and technology were cited by 41% of respondents
  • Workload, such as patient-nurse ratio, was cited by 39% of respondents.
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