Two Nurses Save Man’s Life After Finding Him Lifeless, Hanging Out of Car

 In Nurses Weekly

Two Washington state nurses are credited with helping save a man’s life.

They found him halfway out of his car with his fiancé after suffering what appeared to be a medical emergency.

It happened at 29th Ave and 7th Avenue SE in Puyallup, Washington.

“There was like a little car with a man that was half hanging out of the driver’s seat and a woman who was administering mouth to mouth,” Jennifer Evans said. “I just threw my truck into park and left it running and ran over there and Linda was right behind me.”

The two nurses work together and sprang into action.

“I would call it a nursing instinct, intuition,” Linda Fish said.

Bystanders called 911 the two along with another nurse helped the man while they waited.

“We started compressions, Linda secured the airway and I started chest compressions,” Evans said. The man was taken to a nearby hospital and the two said last they heard he had survived.

“I’m glad we were there at the right time at the right place,” Fish said.

An off-duty Federal Way officer also stepped in to help.

“She moved the truck and took care of the scene,” Evans said.

The two hope their story will encourage others to take a CPR class so that if something like this happens, people will know what to do.

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