President’s Letter: Back to Basics

 In Nurses Weekly

I hope you are all taking time to practice self-care and create precious time with your family this summer. All of us are approaching this summer unlike any other summers with the constraints of COVID-19. Thinking outside the box on what you and your family can do together can be a challenge but could also be a blessing that we have an opportunity to go back to basics. Disney may have been in your plans, but a day at the beach or nature walk or a campout in your backyard can be a new fun time. It brings back memories of when we grew up and the simple fun we created. So, take time to breathe, create your special summer and re-invent FUN!

NJSNA can provide you with ideas and support through our Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey program. We are here for you!

Please visit the Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey webpage and on our private Facebook page New Jersey State Nurses Healthy Nurse for more information.

Enjoy and bring back your childhood memories…

Kate Gillespie, MBA RN

President, NJSNA

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