As the largest group of health professionals in America, and consistently the highest ranked in terms of ethical behavior by the public, nurses are in a unique position to influence the direction of both the profession and healthcare. Nurses advocate every day regardless of role and setting. The American Nurses Association (ANA) wants to recognize the numerous examples – for individual / groups of patients, self, colleague(s) and the profession as a whole; locally, nationwide or globally.

Therefore, ANA has declared 2018 as the Year of Advocacy. Throughout the year, we will feature examples of NJSNA and ANA members advocating for patients and the profession in various roles and settings on NJSNA’s Facebook and Twitter  using the hashtag #BedsideAndBeyond.

Examples will also be hosted on ANA’s RNAction website. Quarterly themes will build from local to more global examples of advocacy.

Throughout the year, please feel free to share how your region is advocating for nurses by sharing stories about your local members and the great advocacy work they are doing in your region. Nurses advocate every day, so examples are endless and no illustration is too small. Email your stories and photos to our communications manager.

Quarterly Themes

Q1: Nurses advocating locally (January – March)

Highlighting efforts at the bedside or in the community both for individual and / or groups of patients and / or nurses. Some examples: patient-focused practice changes / process improvements; workplace safety policies addressing issues such as staffing, workplace violence, safe patient handling and mobility; and representing the interests of patients, consumers and / or the profession while serving on a committee, council or board.

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