Nursing Instructor’s Wristband Research Recognized

 In Nurses Weekly

University of South Alabama College of Nursing instructor Tyler Sturdivant was recently recognized by the Nephrology Nursing Journal for his research into the use of color-coded wristbands for patients.

Sturdivant, a USA nurse who also has a bachelor’s and master’s in nursing from South, is working on his doctor of nursing practice degree. “I was given a task to determine a project that would help improve the health care setting and provide a safe experience for patients in our hospitals,” Sturdivant said. “As the co-chair of University Hospital’s Nursing Practice Congress, I was responsible for forming an interdisciplinary team to look at the literature to see what the hospitals needed. We decided to use a pink alert wristband for dialysis and mastectomy patients in addition to other medical alert wristbands.”

The color-coded wristband initiatives have been adopted by the majority of state hospitals and the American Hospital Association, Sturdivant explained.

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