Nurse to Help Students Who Suffer Concussions Succeed in the Classroom

 In Nurses Weekly

Algebra is hard enough, but when a student suffers a concussion the math problems can become even more challenging.

So after treating 1,742 students for concussions last school year, Jeffco Public Schools has hired a nurse who specializes in brain injury to help students succeed in the classroom after a brain injury. Toni Grishman, the new nurse, will work with teachers, coaches and other staff because concussions are especially dangerous for young people whose brains are still developing.

Jeffco Public Schools is part of BrainSTEPS, a program that works with school districts in the state to support students with brain injuries. Last year, the BrainSTEPS team received more than 50 referrals to work with students struggling with brain trauma. That led the district to reevaluate its concussion protocol.

At Jeffco, McAvoy wanted teachers to understand that returning to schoolwork can be just as challenging for a student with a concussion as returning to the gridiron. Brain injuries make it harder for people to focus on things that are mentally challenging, which includes academics.

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