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Katherine Fromm is committed to nursing excellence. She is a certified oncology nurse working as an oncology nurse navigator at Jersey City Medical Center.

She delivers compassionate care. No stone goes unturned in her pursuit to ensure she provides the right guidance and support to patients. I had the honor to observe her find a plausible option to inform her patient about egg preservation. She didn’t simply send her young patient a list of resources and sites to look into, but she did an in-depth research and reached out to a numerous amount of resources for support.

It was so satisfying and refreshing to me when she was able to tell her about an option for child preservation that the patient would be able to afford. She has gone above her call countless times, but keeping the option of new life open for a young woman touched my soul.

Thank you for not forgetting the patients we care for are human and the impact we have on their life!

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