Hundreds Celebrate Great IFN Event With NJ Devils

 In Nurses Weekly

By Sandy Foley, DNP, MSN, RN

We would like to express our gratitude to all New Jersey (NJ) Devils Nurses Night attendees. The collaborative effort between the NJ Devils and the Institute for Nursing (IFN) was a success because of you. Each of you had a hand in purchasing an impressive total of 207 NJ Devils Tickets. A portion of the ticket sales was donated to the IFN to fund nurse scholarships, grants, and education. Your support, generosity, and kindness are appreciated.

It was great to see your smiles throughout the evening as you came up and introduced yourself to us at the IFN table. The highlight of the evening was finally getting my hands on the NJ Devils Scrub shirt and also my favorite was having our picture taken on the NJ Devils ICE, do you agree? Also, seeing the IFN logo up on the projection screen was the best!

We would like to thank Jess Narciso for making the event possible and Kristin Buckley, IFN Fundraising Committee member and IFN Public Board of Trustees who has spearheaded this event over the last 2 years despite setbacks from the pandemic. It was most definitely worth waiting for. In addition, our thanks go out to Judy Schmidt, the NJSNA/IFN CEO; Mary Ellen Levine, NJSNA President, and Andrew Haviland, IFN Fundraising Committee member, who were all in attendance manning the IFN table. 

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