Honoring Heroic N.J. Nurses in the Pandemic: Sarajane Campbell

 In Nurses Weekly

As a Clinical Nurse Educator and NJSNA Region
6 member, Sarajane Campbell DNP, RN-BC,
CHN, has developed a real connection to the nurses
she practices with. Sarajane explains “Many of them
are close in age to my own children so I feel I relate
well to them. They are wonderful, caring, kind human

Sarajane worries about their safety, and she
spends much of her day supporting and reassuring
them. With ever changing rules regarding Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE), she strives to provide
them with the most accurate information.

The process today for use of PPE is ever changing based
on the availability of supplies. Sarajane states, “We
are in a constant push and pull with getting the PPE
supplies for the nurses when we need it. Nurses are
simply trying to provide the best care to the patients.
Bundling is not always possible. Tasks can be put on
a timer, but patients’ needs cannot be. Many of our
patients are scared and alone and simply want the
nurse to come into their room and assure them that
they are safe and cared about.”

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