Health Professionals for Clean Air and Climate Action

 In Nurses Weekly

Are you involved, or would you like to get involved in efforts to protect the health of the patients and communities you serve from air pollution and climate change?

Climate change is already harming our health in many different ways–from worsened ozone pollution due to warmer temperatures, to more frequent and intense wildfires producing dangerous particle pollution.

When it comes to rising to the challenge of addressing climate change, leadership from the health and medical community is essential. Nurses treating patients on the front lines are critical to raising awareness of the severe health burdens caused by air pollution and climate change–and to help build public will for solutions.

The American Lung Association’s “Health Professionals for Clean Air and Climate Action” is a campaign designed for nurses, doctors, public health workers, and other health professionals to learn more about health impacts of air pollution and climate change, share their story why fighting air pollution and climate change is important, and take action on critical policy issues. The website also highlights physicians and health professionals who are speaking out for strong climate action.

One key action health professionals can take is to add their name to the American Lung Association’s Health Professionals Declaration on Climate Change. More than 1,000 doctors, nurses, academic and health professionals from across the country have signed this declaration urging elected officials to take stronger action against climate change to protect public health. Health professionals can add their name here.

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For more information, please contact Jenny Bard, Manager of Health Partnerships, at the American Lung Association at or by calling 707-775-6044.

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