Feeling Out of Your Resilient Zone?

 In Nurses Weekly

Know when you’re in your resilient zone—where you can navigate peaks and valleys without too much cost to yourself—and when you’ve exceeded your limits and need attention. Some signs that you may be out of our resilient zone are if you’re becoming hyper-vigilant or irritable, or on the other end, if you’re becoming depressed, beginning to shut down, become disengaged, apathetic or numb.

When you know you’re out of your resilient zone, it’s time to take action, now. But how do you get to get back into the resilient space? Do whatever nourishes you. It could be sleep, it could be time with loved ones or in nature or it could be feeling your feet on the floor. There is no single recipe.

When we realize our typical responses are not enough, we may need the support of mental health professionals to help us navigate these challenging times. Asking for help is a sign of strength; take advantage of employee assistance programs, community resources, and professionals to expand your support system when you feel depleted and despairing. If you find yourself in a situation where you are considering self-harm, reach out to someone.

24/7 Crisis Hotline for Impaired Nurses - 1-800-662-0108