COVID-19 Vaccination Videos, Toolkit Available

 In Nurses Weekly

The Ad Council and the COVID Collaborative recently launched a resource designed to address health care professionals’ questions about COVID-19 vaccination. The videos, which feature an introduction from Dr. Anthony Fauci, include experts from a diverse coalition of leading health care organizations and medical institutions sharing information around COVID-19 vaccine development and safety with their fellow physicians and nurses. The video topics include safety, availability, cost, side effects, vaccine administration, answering patients’ questions and more.

“I’m urging health care professionals to please get vaccinated,” said Fauci. “It’s critical to protect yourselves and your family—but it’s equally important as health care providers to show confidence in the vaccines so that other people will follow suit and get vaccinated. Together, we can help a substantial portion of the population decide to get vaccinated and ultimately end the pandemic as we know it in this country.”

A toolkit is also available that includes the following downloadable materials for use:

  • Simplified COVID-19 vaccination FAQs
  • Talking points on the overall effort for health care professionals and spokespeople
  • Copy for e-communications/internal communications/websites
  • Customizable social media copy
  • Cutdowns of the final videos for use on social media
  • Campaign graphic

“Transparency surrounding COVID-19 vaccines—including the science behind the development and authorization process, safety, efficacy and side effects—will be essential to build trust and ensure people in the United States, including people in minority communities, are ready and willing to take the vaccine. We must continue to make sure physicians have the science-based evidence and information they need to help them promote vaccine confidence among their patients and the general public,” said AMA President Susan R. Bailey, M.D. “Science and ingenuity have given us the tools to vaccinate our population, and if enough of us roll up our sleeves, these vaccines will reduce death and severe illness and help us eventually reclaim normalcy in our communities.”

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