Building a Culture of Nurse Excellence

 In Nurses Weekly

When it comes to nurse engagement, efforts must go a lot further than just driving good job satisfaction. In fact, nurse excellence isn’t entirely about the nurses at all, although they are important. Instead, nurse engagement is an essential means to yield an overall positive patient experience, connecting all of the key elements of health care into one cohesive picture.

The call for good patient experiences is not something new. Health care has long valued the patient, striving for excellent bedside manner and good clinical quality outcomes. But in an age when health care consumerism reigns supreme and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reimbursements hinge on good satisfaction scores, driving that positive hospital experience has become even more crucial.

But building that experience is extremely nuanced, most industry experts can appreciate. A good patient experience requires a balance of certain hospitality elements, patient safety and meaningful interactions between patients and staff.

And that’s hard, experts say. Hospitals only…

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