Alexa, Can You Transform Health Care?

 In Nurses Weekly

“Alexa…”, “Hey Siri…”, “OK Google…”, “Hey Cortana…” and “Hi Bixby…”.  These are the now-familiar “wake words” that we use to interact with our digital assistants and an ever-growing number of smart speakers.

Hospitals and long-term care facilities are beginning to explore—cautiously by way of various pilot projects—how voice user interfaces (VUI) technology might be used.

In Bridgewater, New Jersey, Laurel Circle is an assisted living community where they are providing the Amazon Echo Show to their independent living residents.  These residents can use the various Alexa skills to learn about the day’s activities, community announcements, and information about meals for the next 30 days which is displayed on a screen. Amazon Echo Show can also be used for video calling and messaging.

VUI can be utilized to remind a patient to take their medication at a specific time and report if they are not adherent to treatment. These voice services can also be beneficial in supporting aging in place.


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