To You—Our American Heroes

 In Nurses Weekly

This weekend we will be celebrating our Independence on July 4, but due to COVID, in a very different way.

I have been thinking about how we as a nation have worked hard and sacrificed greatly to achieve our independence. And throughout our history, we have been tested.

We have fought to defend our nation, our people and our values. This coronavirus pandemic has been another test—and a challenging test it has been on the American way of life; the American spirit. But through this hardship and struggle and sadness and utter uncertainty, we have found a renewed appreciation for the heroes in our community who put the wellbeing of others ahead of themselves to serve on the frontlines, care for the American people and inspire the next generation to see the courage, compassion and resilient spirit of our nursing professionals.

This Independence Day, may we celebrate all who make this county great—rising up against adversity always.

Happy Independence Day from NJSNA to you—our American Heroes!

Kate Gillespie, MBA RN

President, NJSNA

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