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Summer is a perfect time to enhance your spiritual health.  Many of us go on vacation or to the beach.  Often times there are free yoga or Tai Chi, or Meditation classes or groups in the morning on the beach.  Overlooking the water is a great way to focus on spiritual health and wellbeing.

If you are religious you can focus on Prayer, formal or informal, no matter what religion you are. I was just on vacation and my hotel offered free Yoga under a covered pavilion on the beach every day.  A hotel next door offered Sunday Mass and an historic Chapel on the island we visited had a “Peace Labyrinth” which was beautiful.

When traveling, AAA offers many ideas which are either free or very low cost.  Visiting local gardens and parks offer places where you can picnic and enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of your surroundings that was created before you.  You can meditate, pray, or just be free to ponder anything.  Many of these places are often only a short distance drive from where you live.

When it is not summer or good to be outdoors, you can put on music on at home and meditate.  Pandora has an app on the phone which has a meditational music station amongst others. You can read a good book on spirituality or quiet meditations.  I am a beach lover and find peace and tranquility at the beach or lake so one of my favorites is a book called Devotions for the Beach.. and days you wish you were there by Miriam Drennan.

Tai-Chi is an art which will help you decrease your stress level and allow you to concentrate on your inner peace.  There are DVD’s that you can use in your own home and it requires very little space. There are also places you can go and take classes on Tai-Chi such as the YMCA, schools, or facilities like your gym. There is a free one minute change app you can download – https://www.changeyourenergy.com/account/1minuteapp.aspx

Check out bodynbrain.com this has more information that might be useful for you.

So Healthy Nurses start boosting your spiritual and mental health!  Enjoy!

Linda Corigliano, RN, Mary Ellen Levine, RN and the Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey Team

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