NJSNA at ANA Leadership Summit

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Judith Schmidt, MSN, DHA (c), RN, CCRN, NJSNA CEO speaks at the Leadership Summit.

The New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA) Chief Executive Officer Judith Schmidt, MSN, DHA (c), RN, CCRN addressed attendees at the American Nurses Association’s Leadership Summit to educate them about the new mentoring program for executives who are a part of the Constituent/State Nurses Associations this week.

The Leadership Summit held this week in Washington, DC, encompassed the meeting of the Leadership Council and professional development for presidents, Individual Member Division chairs and chief executive staff members of the individual state associations.

Judith Schmidt, MSN, DHA (c), RN, CCRN, NJSNA CEO (left), Kate Gillespie, RN, MBA, NE-BC, NJSNA president (center) and Varsha Singh MSN, APN, president of Forum of Nurse in Advanced Practice at NJSNA and to the American Nurses Association Board of Directors as a member-at-large, are at the Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.

The Summit featured one full day of professional development and two full days of council meetings. This event leads to the ANA Board of Directors executive and open business session meetings that took place on December 6th.

The Leadership Council is a representative advisory body that provides informed guidance, advice, and/or recommendations on professional issues and organizational matters via collaboration with the ANA Board of Directors. The Leadership Council reports to the Membership Assembly.

Judy serves on two advisory committees within the Leadership Council. The first is for the ANA web page that is dedicated to the presidents and chief staff officers of the individual states.  The committee is working to make the page more user-friendly and increase content and resources that are relevant to state leaders.

The second advisory committee Judy serves on has developed a mentorship program for new Chief Staff Officers.

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