NJ ❤s Evelyn Lemy

 In Nurses Weekly

My director of nursing (DON) at Job Haines Home of Bloomfield NJ, Evelyn Lemy, is an amazing person who personifies the principles of respect and civility in the workplace.

She has never needed to raise her voice to her staff or anyone else. Staff are encouraged to seek higher education and when this has been attained, they stay. The nurses and patient care associates are extremely loyal to her which is demonstrated by high staff retention rates.

When I come to work, I smile, I enjoy my work and I am proud to be in this community where treating each other with respect and kindness, as well as maintaining high standards, are considered the norm. We listen to each other.

Our DON holds open meetings to discuss any issues or problems and also listens to our ideas for solutions. Creativity, hard work and excellent customer service are rewarded and there is a general feeling of community in our workplace.

I feel very fortunate and thankful to be part of this group and I look forward to being here for many years to come.

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