K9s: The Newest Team Members at Hospitals

 In Nurses Weekly

K9 units work diligently in airports, assisting those with disabilities and protecting the public as police officers. Now, they’re appearing in hospitals, assisting with security measures and sniffing out harmful pathogens that may infect humans.

Combating violence is one use for these highly skilled and trained pups. According to PubMed, research shows that facilities with K9 units have seen a reduction in crime and violence. A well-trained K9 can patrol the outside of the hospital as well as patient care areas. And with the typical K9 being utilized for eight to 10 years, K9s are long-term and cost-effective.

In Vancouver, hospitals are utilizing K9s to sniff out Clostridium difficile (C-Diff). Two English Springer Spaniels…

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