In the Spotlight: Susan Maak

 In Nurses Weekly

Susan Maak, my director of nursing, worked all throughout the pandemic. Her dedication to our residents was evident in that she was in our community from 6 a.m. to whenever we could go home seven days a week. There was never a time that I heard her say we can’t do it or we are not capable because she would always find a way to make things happen. She doesn’t hesitate to step in, whether to take a cart to pass medication or an assignment as a CNA. The resident is the priority for Susan. Whatever we need to do to make sure they get the service they deserve, we will do. Even if the barrier seems insurmountable, she gets her team of nurses together and finds creative ways to get them the necessary treatment/medication/service they need. Her compassion for her residents and staff is very apparent. She will speak with staff, families or residents and comfort them and make them understand that we are doing everything possible to make things get better.

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