In the Spotlight: Nancy Munyon

 In Nurses Weekly

Nancy refused to turn her back on the residents at Cardinal Village. Nancy suffered from injuries due to long hours standing and lifting patients. She worked 60-hour weeks every week when the facility was short staffed due to other team members falling ill.

Nancy fought through her pain and did not want to leave her residents. She risked her life at times not having new PPE and using her personal cell so family members could FaceTime with her patients to ensure they were okay.

Nancy is the epitome of what a nurse is—compassionate, dedicated, empathetic, autonomous and hard-working. She loves the science but more importantly the human side and touch that make all the ups and downs so fulfilling.

Her love and passion for nursing encompasses her. She puts others before herself and I know she is responsible for saving many lives and comforting many residents/patients during this crisis. Her dedication is 10-fold. Thank you, Nancy!

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