Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation: The First 5 Years

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Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) is excited to share 5 years worth of nurse wellness data, program progress, and so much more!

When HNHN launched on May 1, 2017, we knew that nurses health was in jeopardy and something had to be done. However, we didnt know how many nurses and organizations would join us in driving change. That first year, HNHN began with a vision, a handful of organizational partners, an online platform, and some great ideas. By the end of year one, we had about 25,000 participants. Fast forward 5 years and HNHN has more than 340,000 participants and over 600 partners.

HNHNs inaugural year also was ANAs Year of the Healthy Nurse, with the May launch date of HNHN coinciding with National Nurses Week. In those early years, at large nursing conferences, HNHN set up banks of computers where nurses could take our online health appraisal, the HealthyNurse Survey. Step challenges, healthy breakfasts, and partner recognition events took center stage at these conferences.

Continued growth

To spur growth (and with sponsorship help), we launched the Partners All In Contests and awarded thousands of dollars to organizations that recruited the largest number of participants in a specified time period. Winners included Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, New Jersey State Nurses Association, and the Medical University of South Carolina. We also worked with hospitals to offer more healthy food choices in hospital cafeterias, wellness challenges and resources, and activities focused on occupational health safety. Our work earned an American Society of Association Executives Power of A Silver Award.

Leading and engaging

HNHN continues to lead and engage with nurses in various ways. For example, HNHN helps lead the Nurses Obesity Network, which is made up of nursing organizations and other professional groups. The Network acts to change how those living with obesity, including nurses, are viewed, treated, and cared for.

In addition, HNHN has posted over 100 #healthynurse Spotlights, has run 75+ challenges, and offers over 220 additional blogs. This has spurred HNHN engagement via good-natured competition, storytelling opportunities, and participant resources. HNHN continues to work to identify the resources nurses need based on the current climate and situation. For example, HNHN released a fun video highlighting the use of its program and resources (

At nursing conferences around the world, HNHN continues to offer inspiring experiences. Offerings include Tai Chi powered by Humana; live cooking events made possible by Compass One Healthcare; healthy snacks, pre-conferences, sponsorship, quick videos, and product gifts from CeraVe; presentations; and virtual roundtables. With expanded research capabilities, we publish in multiple journals and share our research broadly, as demonstrated in this report:

Whats next?

HNHN works hard to improve our virtual platform user experience so that its engaging and provides the resources participants need. In addition, were looking forward to evolving and growing our organizational partnership work with enhanced opportunities for collaboration.

Continue our journey with us into the future as we streamline our HealthyNurse Survey, and build our program, resources, and participation. Joining and being a part of HNHN is a tangible way to enhance your own wellness journey. Together, were improving the nations health, one nurse at a time!

(This story originally appeared in American Nurse.)


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