Conscious living through the Art of Mindfulness

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Hello Healthy Nurses Healthy Nation Members,

Weekly Theme: Conscious living through the Art of Mindfulness

Here are some suggestion for being more in the moment:

  • Making a conscious effort to be a better listener, spending a few minutes a day to relax, and being conscious of what food goes into your mouth.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself. Be mindful of what you are telling yourself on a daily basis.Replace your negative mantra with thoughts of humanness.We are all striving to be better for ourselves and our families. Little steps are accepted and expected.

March is National Nutrition month,

I have added a meatless dinner recipe that we eat on a monthly basis:

I add fresh spinach and garbanzo beans at the end for an extra nutritional bunch. Also, you may decide to add Uncle Ben’s 10 minute wholegrain rice in a bag!

Put a spring into your step now that spring has arrived. Exaggerate your everyday stride, turn around and look when you are backing up your car, get on your hand and knees to wash that kitchen floor! It was for a good reason your mother did this, it burns more calories and it keeps you flexible.

Here are some fun games for you and your family! From National Nutrition Month:

One last mindful tip:

Be in the moment when you are driving, this means drive slower!

Have a conscious mindful week,

Sandy Foley and the HNHN-NJ team

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