7 Nursing Careers to Impact Policy Change

 In Nurses Weekly

The bottom line is that nurses at the bedside know health care like no one else. Because of that, they not only deserve a seat at any decision-making table but their presence is vitally needed to ensure the future of health care.

Of course, despite the importance of getting nurses involved on a policy level, there are real barriers to actually making that happen.

As International Nurses Review points out, some of those barriers include a lack of support in the workplace for nurses to be involved beyond the direct bedside, as well as time. Because after all, if you’re so burned out from actually taking care of patients with COVID-19, how can you carve out the time and energy to seek out opportunities to discuss policies about COVID-19?

The journal also pointed to “real bureaucratic walls” that inhibit nurses from being able to openly voice concerns, as well as the lack of confidence and knowledge nurses may need to understand their role and contribution in policy-making.

The challenge to solve how exactly to get more nurses into policy-making roles isn’t an easy one, but it can start with nurses using their careers as a way to pivot into positions where they can influence policies.

If you’re a nurse feeling called to take action and make a real impact, here are 7 careers that can provide opportunities to get involved in policy-making or just make a difference in the lives of the patients you serve or the nurses you work alongside.

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