3 Ways Nurse Leaders Can Change Workplace Culture

 In Nurses Weekly

Is the old adage, “Happy nurses equal happy patients” true?

Health care leaders at North Carolina–based Vidant Health have put this saying to the test. The organization committed resources to change the workplace culture for its nurses with the philosophy that engaged and motivated nurses provide better care to patients.

Linda Hofler, PhD, RN, NEA‐BC, FACHE, senior vice president and nurse executive at Vidant Medical Center, describes the implementation as a “holistic approach to organizational excellence” that benefits the nurses and trickles down positively to the patients.

The goal of the approach, she explains, is “to improve team member experience and rebuild joy in the workplace. [It’s not just] focused on patient experience but on team member, provider and environmental experience as well.”

Hofler shares three ways she and the leadership team at Vidant have reshaped the nurse work environment to achieve organizational excellence.

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