12 Steps Leaders Can Take to Support Nurses

 In Nurses Weekly

Previously, Anne Dabrow Woods, DNP, RN, a practicing acute care and critical care nurse practitioner at Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine, and the chief nurse of Philadelphia-based Wolters Kluwer’s Health Learning, Research and Practice business, discussed with Becker’s how agile care models can help support nurse well-being and foster resilience. Implementing agile care models provides flexibility and creates a more conducive environment for optimal care.

Here are 11 other steps that should be implemented, along with an agile care model, to support nurses, per Dr. Woods.

  1. One of the most important things is keeping talent where it is. To do this, nurses have to feel valued. Hospitals should invest in nurses by providing a clear career ladder and growth opportunities so nurses have a chance to move up or move to a new lateral position. Click here for some of Dr. Woods’ recruitment and retention strategies.
  2. Lifelong learning should be invested in and promoted by health systems. The healthcare landscape changes quickly, and staff must have continuing education opportunities to understand these changes.
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