Protect* Hydrate* Unwind*

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For me, summertime is all about making some time to relax and rejuvenate with family and friends, often outdoors. My preference is the Jersey Shore – what better than sun, sand and water to re-center one’s spirit? Wherever you find your sunshine, it is important to take care of your skin as you soak in the warmth. My mantra for skin health in the summer is Protect* Hydrate* Unwind, because skin care is about more than applying expensive products to one’s face and body.

Protect your skin by using sunscreen (at least SPF 15), wearing a hat, shirt and sun glasses if necessary. Don’t forget that your eyes, ears, lips, scalp all need sun protection too.

Hydrate yourself with these easy tips:

  • Keep water nearby. I keep a pitcher of iced water by my workstation. This reminds me to take the occasional sip (and helps me keep track of my intake). To keep it interesting try a flavor infused water. My favorite summer sipper is iced water with slices of lemon and cucumber. A few sprigs of mint for that extra yummy! Create your own flavors or get ideas from
  • Eat your water. Yes, you read that correctly. You can snack and hydrate at the same time on cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, watermelon, celery, strawberries, tomatoes, radishes, spinach…These are at least 90% water. Chop and keep in your refrigerator for easy access. For a savory twist, try thin slices of cucumber and radish with a sprinkling of salt, pepper and lemon juice. For more ideas visit:
  • Use a light moisturizer daily. If it contains SPF then you have just added protection as well. Talk about efficiency 😉
  • Unwind and get some R & R. The most overlooked and easiest to miss step for skin health is getting rest. Physical and mental rest in the form of adequate sleep (seven hours at night) and stress management will keep your skin (and you) glowing. Tips for sneaking in some rest and relaxation:
  • Cat naps. Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you can, a quick, short nap can help you rejuvenate.
  • Meditation. Mindfulness mediation lasting even 5-6 minutes will freshen and energize. Try this one find your own.
  • Walk the dog. Guaranteed to get you moving and provide the benefits of pet therapy, this turns a chore into a healing act.
  • Give yourself a break. What is your guilty pleasure? Indulge, even for a few minutes, and DO NOT guilt yourself over it. I schedule time to play Words with Friends. Yes, I am addicted but once I get my daily fix, I am ready to tackle the day.

So, get out there, enjoy the sunshine and refresh your mind-body-spirit. Have a Happy, Healthy Nurse journey!

Munira Wells, Tracey Jaworski-Lucas, and the Healthy Nurse Healthy New Jersey Team

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