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Leveraging Political Impact

What is ANA-PAC?

The American Nurses Association Political Action Committee,(ANA-PAC) was established to promote the improvement of the healthcare system in the United States by raising funds from Constituent/State Nursing Associations (C/SNA) members. ANA-PAC makes contributions.to support worthy candidates for federal office who have demonstrated their commitment to the legislative and regulatory agenda of the American Nurses Association.

For more details about ANA-PAC, please visit http://nursingworld.org/.

Does ANA-PAC endorse both Democrats and Republicans?

Yes. ANA-PAC is bi-partisan and works directly with both national parties to recruit and support candidates.

Who may contribute to ANA-PAC?

Pursuant to federal election law, ANA-PAC can only solicit funds from C/SNA members, their families, and employees of ANA. ANA-PAC cannot accept corporate contributions.

How are contributions to ANA-PAC used?

Contributions to ANA-PAC are used to support candidates for federal office. Under federal election law the amounts that may be contributed are limited. Steps must be taken to ensure that contributions to ANA-PAC are strictly voluntary and without coercion. ANA-PAC Board of Trustees members, in partnership with a C/SNA’s leadership, decide which federal candidates merit consideration for endorsement.

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