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Review Team Process

NJSNA Review Team Process

There Are Two Types of Applications

  • Educational Activity Application
  • Approved Provider Application

All applications must be submitted 90 days prior to their presentation date to allow sufficient time for review. Before applications are forwarded to reviewers, verification of eligibility and a quantitative screening is done. If accepted, an acknowledgement letter is sent to the applicant informing them when they will receive a response pertaining to their application.

Applications are then forwarded to reviewers two weeks prior to their scheduled meeting. If an application is received after material has been forwarded to the review team, the application will be scheduled for review at the next review team meeting. Check the NJSNA Calendar at www.NJSNA.org for scheduled review team meetings.
Each review team has six members; two members of the review team review the application and note their comments. The Education Department meets with the review team on its scheduled review date and all results of the reviews are discussed and finalized.

Once the review process is completed, within 2 weeks, all applicants receive a letter noting if the application has been approved, deferred or denied.

  • When the educational activities are approved, the approval is good for two years.
  • When the Approved Provider application is approved, the approval is for three years.
  • If an application is deferred, one copy of requested material must be submitted to the Education Department within thirty (30) days of the date of the deferral letter. All materials must be received before the date of presentation of the educational activity.
  • If an application is denied, this information is forwarded to the Committee on Continuing Education. If you wish to appeal a decision you must do so within 30 days from the date of the notification.

If you have any questions, contact Tyea Santiago, RN at tyea@njsna.org or Debra Harwell at deb@njsna.org.

Review Team Members

The philosophy of the New Jersey State Nurses Association Committee on Continuing Education states that nurses have an obligation to grow and develop within their professional roles in order to improve the health of society. Continuing education is vital to the improvement of the practice of nursing. It acts as a positive influence to stimulate individuals in their growth as nursing practitioners.

The purpose of the NJSNA Committee on Continuing Education is to ensure that continuing education activities meet specified appropriate standards and that these activities have been reviewed for quality assurance.

The Committee on CE appoints registered nurses to the Regional Review Teams to review submitted continuing education activities for completeness, quality and adherence to ANCC criteria. The review team meetings are held every month. There are three review teams that meet quarterly.

Review Team I: Meets in North Jersey – January, April, July, and October
Review Team II: Meets in Central Jersey – February, May, August, and November
Review Team III: Meets in South Jersey – March, June, September, and December


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